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Wood Name Tag for Kids, Classroom, Keychain, Stocking Tag, Basket Tag, Magnet, Place Setting, Look What I Made, Backpack Swag, Teacher Gift

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Engraved Wood Name Tag
Can be used as Magnet, Keychain, Stocking Tag, Basket Tag and More!

- Average will be set to 4" wide. Shorter 3-4 letter names may be 2"- 3", will send proof
- Background: birch wood
- Lettering: engraved
- Processing time: We process these twice a week, so please allow for 5 business days until shipping notification.
- Multiple Fonts
- May choose as magnet, hole or no hole options. The hole option can be used to place a keyring or ribbon for hanging, we do not provide at THIS time.

1. Select quantity
2. Select Font
3. Select Type
4. Add personalization in box

Copy and paste this link to try out fonts:

- Name

Enter exactly as you would like capitalization to appear.
Font List:


**Caution, please use extreme care when placing magnets on stainless steel and other scratchable surfaces. Do not drag across the surface, keep away from children and make sure there is a barrier between magnet and surface (paper, artwork, etc.) This is just a "common sense" reminder as it would be something I would appreciate as a consumer.

** If using as heavy use keychain or backpack swag, I would imagine with the stress, it will eventually break. May be a year down the road, may be 10 years, I don't know. This is just a natural characteristic of the graining of wood.



I keep trying to decrease the amount of information in the product description, so it is easier for you to work through your order. However, there is so much I want to say to you! It is hard. So, above is the basics you need to order and below is all the fine print.

1. Thank you for considering purchasing from my store. Although I frequently use the term "us" when referring to the store, it is really just "me" and my two hands working on your sign, therefore I apologize that the processing time is not 1-3 days, I wish I was magic or had extra hands.

2. For those purchasing a blended family or adoption sign. I feel your heart. I want to hear your stories. I lived through my own story as a child and know how important it is for all children to feel loved, accepted and to have a place to call home.

3. PROOF: We send proofs on all orders. You may choose a proof or waive your right to a proof by typing "waive my right to proof" with your personalization. If you waive your right to a proof, The Wooden Frame will not be held responsible for ANY incorrect information or interpretation of your personalization information. Proofs will be sent within 1-3 days of your order. Please keep an eye on your Etsy messages and/or email address associated with your order. Delays in proof approval will delay your order processing. If we have not had a response within 3 contact attempts by the time your "ship by" date has occurred, we will use our own discretion to either cancel/refund the order or send it as unapproved. If we send it as unapproved, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect information on your sign. Please make sure you look at everything on your sign, as it is a replica of what you will be receiving. If it is not on the proof, it will not be on your sign. Any reply in the affirmative will be considered an approval and we will proceed.

4. SHIPPING ADDRESS: PLEASE make sure the address entered at checkout is correct. This is especially important if you have recently moved or are shipping to a friend or relative. There is NOT a way to permanently change your address on my end once an order is complete. The only way to effectively take care of an incorrect address is to cancel the order and repurchase. I do not mind adding the correct address to my notes, but I will not guarantee that it will be shipped to that address. By the time I get around to printing shipping labels for your order, a week may have passed and if I am processing several orders all at once, it is VERY easy to miss. I will not be held responsible for any items shipped to an incorrect address if it is originally entered incorrectly, even if you give me the correct address afterwards as a note.

5. PROCESSING TIME vs. SHIPPING TIME: Processing time is the time it takes me to make your item by hand based on the order of your sign in my work queue. Shipping time is the amount of time it will take to arrive after processing has occurred. My average processing time is 5-7 BUSINESS days, shipping is typically 2-3 day after that.

6. RUSH ORDERS: Need it faster? You need upgraded processing time, not upgraded shipping. You are more than welcome to purchase shipping upgrades, but they do not increase my processing speed. I do offer a rush order listing that will bump you to the front of the processing line but will still take me a couple days to process and a few more days to ship. If you need your item in hand in less than about a week, it is probably not going to happen. Please contact me first if you are super rushed on time and I can advise you if we can make it work.

7. Items are hand crafted and while we do use a few small machines to help the process, it is not a factory assembly line process. Great care is taken in each and every sign. However, wood is a natural product and each piece comes with its own unique qualities and character. We do not discriminate with our wood, as it was once a tree that was cut to provide for us and do not like to waste. Any large flaws will not be used, but small flaws may be showcased if we find it visually pleasing or left to the back of the sign.

8. SHIPPING DAMAGE: The Wooden Frame is not responsible for items damaged during transit, but we do provide insurance on all items over 1 lb or are shipped with priority mail. If you would like to make sure you are covered, please make sure you have selected priority mail. If your item is damaged upon arrival, please make sure you take photos of the damaged packaging as well as the damage to the item and email it to us at We will file a claim for you and work on getting your item replaced once the claim is approved.

9. Returns & Exchanges: We gladly accept returns and exchanges on non-personalized items within 3 days of delivery. We value each customer and want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your items. Customer is responsible for return postage. A restocking fee may be charged in some cases. Please contact us at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Customer Reviews

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Malinda Ddrfire
High quality, perfect magnet piece, and ve...

High quality, perfect magnet piece, and very excellent customer service

Ddrfire Adams
It's Perfect and the size is right for my...

It's Perfect and the size is right for my locker. I like the quality and the feel of the wood. Thank you so much, timely delivery as well.

Ginger Pfannerstill
Quality excellent, adorable and well made.

Quality excellent, adorable and well made.

Haley Deckow
Used mine to hang from my car mirror but w...

Used mine to hang from my car mirror but will use as a Christmas ornament when the time comes!