About Us

Really, this is "About Me", but this business is a part of the daily lives of my whole family, so it is "About Us".

My name is Lindsay, I am pretty much The Lone Ranger in the production part of this operation.  My husband helps me with logistical questions and lets me use his tools, while my kids constantly interrupt and ask me questions, probably when I need them to distract me the most.  They are all pretty proud of me, what I am doing and have accomplished.  I have always had a creative heart and have been on many creative endeavors, but this is the first time I have had a feeling of "rightness".

We live in the middle of Oklahoma, where we have irons in a lot of fires and are constantly running around from one sporting event to the next.  Life is busy right now and I know someday that will come to a halt.  I am trying to slow down a bit more and just be present with my family.  To know that this all can wait until the morning and that I just need to sit down and play a board game with the kids.  They are the MOST important thing to me and I don't ever want to take that for granted.

So thank you for stopping by and browsing my little piece of heaven.