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Family Handprint Sign

Family Handprint Sign

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Family Handprint Sign, Together is our favorite place to be, Personalized DIY Gift

**This is a new version of our quarantine sign "When the world stayed apart, together was our favorite place to be" that retired in 2021.

- Size: 10" x 12" or 16" x 10"
- Framed or Unframed
- Background: Solid white wood (framed) or Natural Pine (unframed)
- This DOES NOT come with handprints, paint your own! 🙂 This is a family DIY!
- Lettering: Engraved a beautiful dark brown
- If Framed: Dark Walnut
- Processing time: 5-10 business days until shipping notification.
- Hanging Hardware: unframed version will come with 1 uninstalled but easy to install sawtooth, framed version DOES NOT come with hardware as it can be hung from the frame.
- Font combination, placement and sign layout copyright of The Wooden Frame, April 2020, updated version August 2022


Each sign is handmade and will vary slightly. The boards and frames come with errant knots and imperfections which we make no effort to hide, as it adds a little charm and uniqueness to each piece. We do our best to not waste material. While we will not use any pieces that we would not display in our own home, we will use pieces that maybe are a little more imperfect on the back side of the sign. If this is something that may bother you, please contact us before purchasing to see if we can accommodate you.


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