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Plant Stakes

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Plant Stakes for Indoor House Plants - Choose from our punny phrases or create your own marker!

▪ Each house plant marker measures approx 5.25" x .75" x .25" birch wood

▪ Ready to ship in 2-4 business days, ship First Class (3-5 days in transit, unless upgraded)

▪ Choose from regular or script font in singles or sets of 5.

▪ If you would like to create your own personalized marker, SCRIPT font has a max of 18 characters, including spaces and REGULAR is a max of 22.

▪ Enter custom phrases in the personalization box, if applicable.

▫ Mrs. Daniel's Classroom ( Teacher Gift )
▫ 5265 Carlton Drive ( Home Address, New Home )
▫ Snake Plant ( Plant Specific Stakes, Cuttings )
▫ Herb Garden Markers (we are working on a set of these, check the store or ask us)
▫ Plant Lady, Plant Mom ( Gift for Plant Lover / Killer)
▫ I have no idea ( Mystery Plants )
▫ Company Name / Realtor Gift

▪ Like any wood item left to the elements (water, soil, sun, etc.) these markers will have a "shelf life" and eventually start to break down. They may last 6 months, 5 years or a lifetime depending on the surrounding environment.

▪ We choose NOT to seal this wood at this time as we are not sure how much of a difference it will really make, but are currently testing sealed and unsealed in our own plants to see. If you would like for us to put outdoor sealer on your markers, please let us know, we do not guarantee this will make them last longer, but will do so free of charge.

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Therese Cassin
This item was given to a friend as a gift....

This item was given to a friend as a gift. The quality was amazing, sturdy and easily read. The packaging of it was so wonderful that I didn't have to put any wrapping around it.

Kelly Lubowitz
This review has no content.

This review has no content.