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Do you ship for free?

My cart is just under $35, can I have free shipping?

What about combined shipping?

How do you ship my order?

How do I open my package?

What if my item arrives damaged?

What do I do if I think my item is lost in the mail?

Do you ship internationally?

I accidentally gave you the wrong shipping address.

Processing and Proofs

How long will it take to get my order?

Shipping says 1-3 days, why is my order not here yet, I ordered 4 days ago?

In Stock vs. Made to Order

Non-Personalized vs. Personalized vs. Custom


You: "My order was cancelled!" Us: "Did you approve your proof?"

Why not send order with unapproved proofs?

Can you text me my proof?


What materials are used in my sign?

Canvas signs

Wood Signs

Vinyl Design

Painted Design

Why do you not install hanging hardware?



Do you offer any discounts?

Discount Phishing Websites

Christmas 2019 FAQs

Summed up FAQs for Holiday Orders


Do you accept returns?